"Vocab Dance is impressive"

- The Guardian

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Alesandra Seutin
Founder, Vocab Dance


This is not Black - an Interview with dance artist Alesandra Seutin from Anton Califano on Vimeo.

Vocab Dance News

Vocab Dance Performance Dates

29 April 2017'Giant' (Solo)
Commission by Zinnema for 'I Have a Dream Exchanged'

25 March 2017'Ceci n'est pas Noire' (This is not Black) Trinity Centre, Bristol UK Bristol, UK
2-5 March 2017'Ceci n'est pas Noire' (This is not Black) as part of Tangente Danse at Édifice Wilder Montreal, Canada
21 May 2016'Mimi'
Commission by Studio Wayne McGregor for Selfridges EveryBODY Dance
19 Oct 2016'This is not Black!'
with Ayanna Witter-Johnson at Surrey University, Ivy Arts Centre