Performance Company

After moving to London in 1998, choreographer Alesandra Seutin founded Vocab Dance Company (VDC) in 2007 as a performance company dedicated to bridging the gap between contemporary dance and dance styles deriving from African traditional dances. With the aim of demonstrating the connection between modern African dance forms and traditional dance through the fusion created when contemporary dance and Hip Hop are added. Alesandra wants to develop audiences for both contemporary and African dance; she merges these forms to create one vocabulary; it is therefore not what either Western or African audiences might expect but an exciting hybrid.



Collaboration is fundamental to VDC’s approach. The company is always thrilled with the opportunities this offers in terms of innovation and exploring new ways of working. The Company has worked with a range of talented collaborators:

  • Composers, vocalists and instrumentalists Sona Jobarteh, Ayanna Witter-Johnson and Randolph Matthews.
  • Music producers and composers Bobbie J Gardner, Daniel Gale Hayes and Kweku Aacht
  • Poets Shabbazz, Ann Earle and Miranda Craigwell
  • Drummers/percussionists Nii Tagoe (Frititi), Mohamed Dordoh and Mohamed Gueye
  • Visual Artists Eve Fainke, Debbie Spink and Michele Magema
  • Rhythm Tap dancer Annette Walker
  • Dance companies including Phoenix Dance Theatre, Uchenna Dance, C12 Dance Theatre and Avant Garde Dance.

Community Focus

Vocab Dance Company (VDC) stays connected with its community by:

  • Working with and engaging groups of dance enthusiasts and non-dance enthusiasts alike
  • Working with and engaging, people from different age brackets, backgrounds and ethnic origins.
  • Engaging the community in a high quality of dance-theatre, spoken word and music.
  • Through multi-disciplinary dance-theatre: identifying, addressing and portraying subjects of importance within community.
  • Through the arts, creating a safe platform of discussion and exploration.
  • Through teaching in various schools and universities, giving young people the opportunity to engage, exercise, and express.
  • Through social networking sites, allowing the community to engage, network, socialise, express interest/voice opinions and explore.
  • Through friendly and engaging company classes allowing the opportunity to exercise, express and make new friends and contacts.
  • Through partnerships with local dance organisation East London Dance and Local Universities and schools such as WAC and UEL, working with a diverse group of people, encouraging engagement for all.
  • Through teaching and education, giving participants the confidence to work creatively, feel good and work in a safe and positive environment.
  • Allowing young people the opportunity to realise their creative dreams. The opportunity for Artistic development: by offering internships, work experience and the opportunity to audition for the company.