TAAL (2011)

Alesandra Seutin was commissioned to create a new work for EXPOSURE: DANCE 2011 at the Royal Opera House and collaborate with Annette Walker to create TAAL, a duet for two female performers.

The word ʻtaalʼ means ʻlanguageʼ in Afrikaans, and in India tal/taal/tali is a system of rhythm. Inspired by these meanings, this new work explores percussive rhythm in African, contemporary and tap dance. The two performers play off each otherʼs movement ideas with a slight, but discernible, competitive edge.

Choreography: Alesandra Seutin in collaboration with Annette Walker
Live music composition: Annette Walker
Set design: Keith Snape & Leroy Walker
Lighting: Rachel Shipp

Temps Mort (2011)

Temps Mort is a powerful sextet that embodies a fierce combination of dance, percussive rhythms and broken beats fused for an exploration on the theme of polygamy.

Choreography: Alesandra Seutin
Music: Doudou N’Diaye Rose, Sing Sing Junior, Dobet Gnahore and Burial (edited by Michael Panting & Kweku Aacht)
Costume: Senegal, Indigo Spirit and Tanya Tominey
Set design: Debbie Spink
Lighting: Rachel Shipp

Word! (2011)

What is the definition of street survival? Word! is a brand new multidisciplinary dance theatre piece, which focuses on the sensationalized headlines around youth culture. Harnessing the power of movement, music and words to ask ‘is it in our power to speak about these things and can we do anything about it?

Choreography: Alesandra Seutin
Music: Bobbie J Gardner, Kweku Aacht and Miguel Atwood-
Costume and set concept: Alesandra Seutin
Lighting: Rachel Shipp

Photo credits (top to bottom): Carmen Klammer
Funding / Rehearsal Support. The creation of this work was supported by the National Lottery Arts Council England. The rehearsal for Temps Mort and Word! was made possible thanks to Akosua Boakye, Thomas Kamp and UEL for offering rehearsal space at KCC – Kensington and Chelsea College and London Metropolitan University in London.